1993 Sand Search

In August of 1991, the Nassau Soil and Water Conservation District (NSWCD) retained Olsen Associates, Inc. to prepare a Sand Source/Sand Transfer Study required for the future implementation of beach restoration along southern Amelia Island, Nassau County, Florida.

South Amelia Island is the site of severe and chronic shoreline and dune erosion (FDEP-DBS, 1993) which poses a threat to significant infrastructure and public and private property in the region.

The NSWCD recognized beach nourishment as a viable alternative for restoring the beaches of southern Amelia Island. To this end, the NSWCD sponsored this study in order to satisfy the requirement of identifying potential sand sources of sufficient quantity and quality for large scale beach restoration.

Formulation of the study, including the requisite investigations, was cost-shared between the NSWCD and the State of Florida, Department of Natural Resources (FDNR). The work was performed simultaneously with the formulation of an Inlet Management Plan for Nassau Sound, likewise sponsored by the NSWCD.

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