2008 Monitoring Report
This engineering report presents the physical changes along the southern shoreline of Amelia Island, Florida based upon the most recent monitoring surveys performed in accordance with FDEP Joint Coastal Permits 0187721-001-JC, -002-JC and -003-EM, Nassau County as part of the South Amelia Island Shore Stabilization Project monitoring program.

 Specifically, this report addresses:
(1) A description of the physical location and characteristics of the monitored area.
(2) A summary of Phase I (Beach Fill) and Phase II (Structural Stabilization) of the South Amelia Island Shoreline Stabilization Project, including project goals, alternatives, design precepts and construction history.
(3) A discussion of the monitoring program including a description of the scheduling changes to the program made following construction as well as a summary of all monitoring data collected to date.
(4) A discussion of volumetric and shoreline changes as measured during the most recent monitoring year (June 2007 to July 2008).
(5) A comparison of recent conditions (July 2008) relative to pre- and immediately post-construction conditions.
(6) A discussion of the recent condition (July 2008) of Nassau Sound ebb-shoal complex including the Phase I borrow site.
(7) An assessment of the Phase II Structural Stabilization Project, including an analysis of the shoreline recession “trigger” conditions.

The project co-sponsors for both Phases of shoreline stabilization were the Florida Park Service (FPS), FDEP and the South Amelia Island Shore Stabilization (SAISS) Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSBU). As such, the multi-phase project constitutes a unique State/Private (local) partnership involving varying types of ownership for the southernmost 3.5 miles of South Amelia Island oceanfront shoreline. 

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2008 Monitoring Report - Section I
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2008 Monitoring Report - Section IV

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Appendix A - Comparative Beach Profiles (R-55 to R-82)

Appendix B - Oblique Aerial Photography (July 2007 to August 2008) South Amelia Island and Nassau Sound

Appendix C - 2008 Controlled Aerial Photography South Amelia Island and Nassau Sound

Appendix_D - Structure Condition Surveys (July 2008)

Appendix E - Permit Conditions Addressing Remediation Triggers